DDoS Protection

Keep your business safe from network- and application-based attacks. We apply powerful machine learning and an adaptive defense that detects threats - and measures that are easy to implement and rapidly deliver results. Ensuring your online presence remains secure and fully operational.

DDoS Protection

Don't let DDoS bring you down

Our solution is guaranteed to prevent and stop DDoS attacks in less than one second before they can cause any damage and without leaving you open for attack during mitigation.

We've got you covered

Our solution can protect your entire network infrastructure against DDoS.

Sub one second Auto-Mitigation

No need for manual intervention. Attacks are mitigated automatically in less than one second.

Fast implementation

Can be implemented in under hours.

Automated policy creation

We've made it easy for you - no policies to create!

Several deployment methods

We offer multiple deployment methods to suit your needs, including always-on or always-available.

Routed Proxy mode

Also available in routed proxy mode, this allows for layer 7 modules to be used on selected assets.

How does it work?

Full-stack Protection

With layered security, you're protected from any Internet threat. Our DDoS Protection can be activated by itself or together with the additional functional modules in our Full-stack Protection service.

DDos Protection & Threat Intelligence
Bot Protection
Web Application Firewall
Intrusion Prevention System
Application Performance

What does it cost?

You only ever pay for clean traffic, never the number of DDoS-attacks, making costs predictable and transparent.


    DDoS Protection Data Sheet