Bot Protection

It’s not always desirable to simply block bots from accessing your site, some perform tasks that support commercial or other organizational functions. Our bot and scraper protection solution tells the friends from the foes and only stop the bad ones.

Bot Protection

Say bye to bad bots and scrapers

Our solution identifies, classifies and stops bad bot traffic - in just a matter of seconds.

Secures your assets

Secures your web assets against unwanted bot traffic.

Cost savings

Makes sure you only pay for legit traffic capacity.

Let the good ones in

The solution automatically identifies and allows desirable bots, such as search engines.

Regain lost capacity

Unwanted traffic means loss of capacity - shake it off and take it back!

Regain lost speed

Preventing bots and scrapers from swamping your site, means you can regain that lost speed.

Enhanced user experience

Faster loading for site visitors.

How does it work?

Full-stack Protection

With layered security, you're protected from any Internet threat. Our Bot Protection can be activated by itself or together with the additional functional modules in our Full-stack Protection service.

DDos Protection & Threat Intelligence
Bot Protection
Web Application Firewall
Intrusion Prevention System
Application Performance

Interested in a solution for your business?

We can tailor solutions based on your specific needs.


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