Application Performance

The speed with which websites function is critical to retaining users. An effective security solution needs not only to protect data and sensitive material, but also make websites open, load and work faster.

Application Performance

Speed up your site!

Once bad traffic is removed, we deploy a raft of techniques on remaining traffic to optimize performance.

Faster loading

The speed is critical to retaining users and preventing them from leaving your site.

Faster applications

Accelerates application functionality.

Save resources

Reduces your resource usage, making it more cost effective.

Efficiency improvements

Optimizes the use of existing resources.

Easy implementation

No on-site installation, tuning, or server upgrades required.

Available in several deployment modes

Choose between routed-proxy and reverse-proxy deployment modes.

Interested in a solution for your business?

We tailor solutions based on your specific needs and website.


    Application Performance Data Sheet