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The Paris Call outlines 9 specific goals to protect the Internet against disruptive attacks, tampering with elections, and retaliatory hacking. In addition this call highlights the need for cooperation between States, private companies, and other organizations to share Threat Intelligence, to improve security on the Internet and decrease the time to detect and mitigate attacks that can impact our everyday lives.

The Internet is already extremely important to our way of life, many businesses, government services and social functions depend on it. It is therefore, absolutely crucial that we can trust and depend on the network. DDoS attacks, data breaches, and election tampering highlight just how easily these connections can be broken.

Baffin Bay Networks wholeheartedly supports this Paris Call, and similar industry led initiatives such as Microsoft’s Cybersecurity Tech Accord. These are inline with our values as a company: to offer a more secure and open access to resources on the Internet. It is important that every organization take its own responsibility to secure their assets, but also that they are open to cooperation with others in their city, country, or industry. We encourage all organizations to seek out and engage in more exchanging of threat intelligence, and to have security be the basis in all of their online decisions.


List of supporters including Baffin Bay Networks:

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