Friends in Technology Program - Integrations and Interoperability

This program is for our peers in the industry, companies who understand the importance of combining functions into enhanced and cost-efficient customer offerings. The solutions cover integration work, ranging from threat information exchange to joint API development. We are keen to promote other companies with solid products which can be used to improve customer cyber security services and proficiency.

The signaling between Riverview and other on-premise networking elements enable new combinations of hybrid cloud solution. Riverview can easily interchange information with SIEM systems, routers and firewalls to enable additional services, visibility and customer value.

Partner Requirements

We expect partners to:

  • have a recognized security competence
  • be complementary in product and service portfolio
  • have built sales coverage for their target territory
  • drive market activities to promote brand and lead generation
  • be forward looking and appreciate Security-as-a-Service business

How to join?

Contact us at

Send a brief description and motivate how our products could complement each other. Our partner team will contact you for next steps.

How to find a partner in your territory

Baffin Bay Networks partner with some of the most competent, leading companies in the cybersecurity industry to provide our customers with the solutions they need. If you are looking for a appropriate partner, we are happy to connect you with the best one for your location and business.

Contact us at