Why Partner with Baffin Bay Networks?

  • Complete Your Cybersecurity offering. The Riverview cloud-based service expands your solutions into the fast-growing hybrid cloud security segment
  • Differentiate via new combined offerings and accelerate revenue growth
  • Get expert sales and design support
  • Exclusive access to the Riverview live Customer Demonstration Portal
  • White Label and OEM partners can independently activate new customers
  • Open design facilitates system integration with customer support systems

Learn more about our Friends in Business program

Learn more about our Friends in Technology program

Want to be our Friend in Business or Technology?

Contact partners@baffinbaynetworks.com

For Friends in Business: Specify your field of industry and include a short message about your organization and why you would like to partner with Baffin Bay Networks. Our partner team will contact you for next steps, including an invitation for a follow-up discussion and the terms and conditions in our Reseller Agreement.

For Friends in Technology: Send a brief description and motivate how our products could complement each other. Our partner team will contact you for next steps.